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Peru expeditions - Huaraz - Tripadvisor!

PERU: one of the most beautiful trekking in the world Trekking Huayhuash with ascend Mountain Tocllaraju (6034 m)

Trekking Huayhuash

The Tour starts from Lima, but we don`t stay there. The real starting point is Huaraz in the famous cordilliera blanca. We will visit the ancient prae - inka ruins of Chavin de Huantar, hike up to some beautyfull lakes in the Huascaran national park and also we ascend two smaller mountains in the Cordilliera Negra on the opposite from the Cordilliera Blanca range. Here we will have the perfect overview above this phantastic ice giants. 
Than we starting the highlight of the tour the 10 days trip around the Cordilliera Huayhuash, the famous Yerupaja, Siula Grande or Jirishanca directly on the way. Our camps will be positioned on the sides of some glas clear mountain lakes with spectakular views on the Ice Giants.
In the end we try to ascend a real 6000er the ice covered Tocllaraju. This climb takes 4 days and is everything but not easy. 

Trekking Huayhuash - Video 2013

Tour Program:

    Day 1: Arrival Lima (from Berlin / airport pickup)
    Day 2: Huaraz excursion / acclimatization, culture Chavin de Huantar (4450 m)
    Day 3: Huaraz excursion / acclimatization, culture Chavin de Huantar (4450 m)
    Day 4: Acclimatisation in Huaraz, Jircohirca or Laguna Wilcacocha (3725 m) back to Huaraz
    Day 5: Acclimatisation in Huaraz, Trekking Laguna 69 (4440 m) back to Huaraz
    Day 6: Bus drive to Cord. Huayhuash to Pocpa - Cuartelhuain; (4150 m)
    Day 7: Matacancha – Cancanampunta (4700 m) – Laguna Mitucocha (4300 m).
    Day 8: Mitucocha – Punta Carhuac (4650 m) – Laguna Carhuacocha (4200 m).
    Day 9: Carhuacocha – Siula Pass (4900 m) – Quesillococha/Carnicero (4400 m) – Huayhuash Camp.
    Day 10: Carnicero – Huayhuash (4330 m) – Portachuelo Huayhuash (4730 m) – Laguna Viconga (4400 m).
    Day 11: Viconga – Punta Cuyoc (5020 m) – Huanacpatay (4325 m) or Pueblo Huayllapa (3600 m).
    Day 12: Huanacpatay – before pueblo Huayllapa (3600 m) á in direction Punta Tapush; camp Huatiac (4300 m) – Laguna Susucocha – Cashgapampa (4500 m).
    Day 13: Cashgapampa – Punta Yaucha (4870 m) – camp Jahuacocha (4066 m). Option to Climb Diablo Mudo (5350 m)
    Day 14:: .Trekking Jahuacocha – Punta Mancan (4575 m) – Llamac (3400 m) - Bus drive - Huaraz.
    Day 15: Rest day in Huaraz
    Day 16: Huaraz - Collon -  Base Camp (4200 m)
    Day 17: Base Camp - High Camp  Tocllaraju (5250 m)
    Day 18: High Camp -  Summit Tocllaraju (6034 m) -  Base Camp (4200 m)
    Day 19: Base Camp - Collon  Village - Huaraz
    Day 20: Bus drive Huaraz – Lima (end of service Juventino).
    Day 21: Lima - Transfer aeroport
    Day 22: Arrived Berlin 21:45 hrs

    Services included in the prices:

      • Entrance fee to the Community Huayhuash, per person
      • Peruvian Local Guide (Trekking Guide)
      • Cook (s)
      • Donkey drivers
      • Donkeys
      • Private transportation Huaraz/according to the program Huayhuash/Huaraz
      • Complete meals during the trek program and climbing program
      • Kitchen/dinning tent
      • Cooking equipment
      • Collective technical equipment
      • Toilette tent
      • Horse(in case of emergency,for trekking parts)
      • Tents VAUDE OR SALEWA / for 2 Person
      • Transfer/bus station/Hotel – Lima
      • Transfer airport/hotel/airport – Lima
      • Hotel In Huaraz,according to the program 3 nights. Double room with breakfast included
      • Bus ticket Huaraz/Lima, executive service in public bus-Movil Tours or Cruz del Sur
      • One dinner for all the group in Juventino’s famliy House (Inca food - Pachamanca)

      Not included:

    • Travel accident and health insurance
    • Nights Hotel in Lima / Double room with breakfast included
    • Travel luggage and Travel cancellation insurance
    • Not mentioned food and beverages
    • Personal Spending
    • Personal camping and climbing equipment ( sleeping bag, climbing boots, crampons, Ice axe, gaiters, harness, snow glasses, appropriate clothes, personal medicines, etc.)
    • Tips

Trekking Huayhuash

Detailed program: 

Day 1: Lima Arrivel in Lima. We have dinner in Lima downtown and who likes has the possibility to see a little bit more from the 11 Million Moloch. 

Day 2: Huaraz
Bustransfer from Lima to Huaraz. We will cross en impressive landscape and get short overview for the extreme diversity of Peru. In the last part we will see one of the most beautiful mountain areas of the world. The Cordilliera Blanca will show us her snow covered face with step walls and unique forms. 

Day 3: Chavin de Huantar
The oldest stony building of the world is our destiny today. Chavín de Huántar is located in Peru, 250 km to the north of Lima, and has long been a site of public interest and archaeological inquiry. Chavín de Huántar in the north-central sierra of Peru, sandwiched between the desert coast - one of the dryest deserts of the world - and the humid tropical Amazonian lowlands to the east. The famed Andean prehistoric states, culminating with the expansive Inca empire, were primarily situated in coastal and sierra environments. We will visit the ruins within an organized Tour with a local guide for the explicanations. 

Day 4: Jircahirca
Today we climb with a taxi or bus for 4200 Meters altitude and start from here an amazing akklamizing tour in the Cordilliera Negra, the Black Mountains on the other side of the valley. Out from here we have a phantastic overview to the high 6000 es on the other side. Huascaran, Nevado de Copa, Ranrapalca and many more of the famous mountains are visible. We hiking up Jirohirca mountain with 4622 m wicht is an easy climb. Later we return to Huaraz. 

Day 5: Laguna 69
Today we making a day trip to the Huascaran National Park, one of the most interesting mountain areas in the World. With a bit of luck we can see Chopiqualqui, Pisco and Huascaran. Ouer destino is a deep blue lake directly below the gigantic icewall of the Chacrajaru Mountain. We hiking up pretty nice meadow areas with waterfalls, small lakes and an interesting vegetation. Laguna 69 is locatet on the round trip to the Pisco hut and one of the nicest hikes in the area. After the tour we return to Huaraz again. 

Day 6: Chiquian - Llamac 
This first time after the breakfast in the hotel the guide and the other personal will be go to pick up for you to the hotel, we will start the travel at 7:00am. Approximately to the south side for Huaraz. Passing for the different district; Recuay, Ticapampa, Catac and Conococha at (4100m). Then will travel to the east side and south East to Chiquian at (3400m). Where you can to buy something, the travel take 2 hours then we have to down for about 1 hour and the go up to Llamac for about 1 hour more a long this travel we will observe the Mountains on the east side such as Ninashanca, Jirichanca, Yerupaja, etc. Arrive to Llamac around 12:00m where we will have a lunch. Then we starting the first hiking part up to Pocpa. Overnight camping at (3300m). 

Day 7: Llaman - Cuartelhuain
After the breakfast in the Llamac we will start the trek at 9:00am we will go up for about 4 – 5 hours to the camp side Cuartelhuain , along this route we will passing the small called Pocpa and small mine arriving to the camp side around 1:00 – 2:00pm approximately. From here we will see the Ninashanca mountain in the south side. Overnight camping at (4300m). 

Day 8: Cuartelhuain - Mitucocha 
This day after the breakfast we will start our trek at 9:00am from Cuartelhuain the punta cacanan pass at (4700m) we will climb enjoy the nice views our around such as Chaupijanca and cunchush after this pass we will go down for about 2 hours half to the camp site from Mitucocha where we can enjoy the nice view of Nicashaca, Jarishinca and Ronday mountains, overnight camping at (4200m). 

Cuartelhuain - Mitucocha - Trek Huayhuash

Day 9: Mitucocha - Carhuacocha 
This day after the breakfast we will start our trekking at 9:00am to the south est go up for about 2 – 3 hours to Carhuac pass at (4050m) where we can enjoy the nice Jirishanca mount in the south site tehn will be go to down for about I hour half to Carhuacocha lake, Jiishanaca, Yerupaja and Siula in the west site. Overnight camping at (4250m). 

Carhuacocha Trekking Huayhuash
Day 10: Carhuacocha - Huayhuash 
After the breakfast in the morning we will start our trekking at 8:30am we will go down for about 30 minutes near the Carhuacocha lake for about 4 hours after visit this lake we will continue go up to Siula pass (4800m) for about 2 hours where we can see mountains such as: Jirishanca, Yerupaja, Siula and carnicero. After this we will do down to Huayhuash for about 2 hours half where we can see trapecio mount in the west side. Overnight camping at (4300m). 

Day 11: Huayhuash - Huanacpatay 
After the breakfast in Huayhuash we will start hiking up to TRAPECIO pass (4950m) for abour 3 hours half, where we can to see the Cordillera raura, trapecio mount in the est side Puscanturpa and Cuyoc mount in the south side and nice lakes in the East and West side, after this we go down to Huanacpatay for about 4 hours half, where we can see the nice view of Cuyoc mount in the East side. Overnight camping at (4250m). 

Trekking Huayhuash Huayhuash - Huanacpatay 

Day 12: Huanacpatay - Huatiac 
After the breakfast in the morning in Huanacpatay we will start go down to Huayllapa for about 4 – 5 hours, this village is at (3400m), after to visit this village we will start climbing up to Huatiac for about 3 hours more, where we can enjoy the nice views of Diablo Mudo and Auxilio Mount in the North Side. Overnight camping at (4400m). 

Day 13: Huatiac - Jahuacocha 
After the breakfast in the Camp we will start to climb up to Tapush Pass (4800masl) for about 3 hours, where we can see Diablo Mudo mount, after that we going up to Yaucha Pass at (4800m) for about 2 hours, where we can see the nice mountains in the East side such as: Jirishanca, Ninashanca, Yerupaja and others; after that we continue going up to Jahuacocha for about 2 hours more. Overnight Camping at (4100m). 

Paso Yaucha - Trekking Huayhuash

Day 14: Jahuacocha - Rest Day 
This day we will have a rest day to walk around the lagoon or fishing with fish rod. Afternoon for a special meal called Pachamanca and overnight Camping in Jahuacocha. 

Day 15: Jahuacocha - Llamac - Huaraz 
After the breakfast in Jahuacocha we start walking at 8:00am approximately to Llamac, going up for about 3 hours to Pampallamac Pass (4500m), then we will go down to Llamac for about 1 hours more, where the buss will be waiting for us to transport directly to Huaraz; arriving to Huaraz around 5:00pm and transfer to the Hotel. 

Day 16: Rest
Rest day in Huaraz 

Day 17: Huaraz - Pashpa - Base Camp Tocllaraju 
Transfer to the trail head Pashpa (3670m) in private bus, where we will meet the donkey drivers, then we will go hiking along the Ishinca Valley, where there is the National Park's control, then after to check in we will have lunch, then we will continue walking arriving to the base camp of Ishinca about 5 hours aprox. Then we will check our climbing equipment for the next day. Overnight camping at (4200m). 

Pashpa - Base Camp Tocllaraju 

Day 18: Base Camp Tocllaraju - Camp 1 
We will start going up at 10 am to the Camp 1 for Tocllaraju, after 2 hours half walking climbers will start walking in the snow, and then after 1 hour climbing is the camp 1, and overnight in the glacier at (5200m). 

Day 19: Camp 1 - Summit Tocllaraju - Base Camp 
After the breakfast at 4 am climbers will start climbing for about 2 hours to succeed the summit, then after to enjoy the summit (6035m), immediately will return to the base Camp arriving at 4 pm aprox overnight camping at (4200m). 

Day 20: Base Camp - Pashpa - Huaraz 
Start walking down hill along the Ishinca valley at 9 am aprox arriving to the trail head Pashpa at 1 pm, then we will have lunch here, after we will aboard the private bus and come back to Huaraz arriving at 2 pm aprox. Free afternoon and overnight in Huaraz. 

Day 21: Return to Lima 

Day 22: Flying Home
Unfortunately, the tour comes to an end today. The only remaining point on the program is the return flight to La Paz. So we fly again over the grand Andes mountain chain, directly past Huyna Potosi and Condoriri. This is the best time to think of new plans to climb mountains

Tocllaraju Climbing

Dates and Prices

Tour Information:

Season: June to Augost


* 22.07. - 11.08.2017


* 2999.00 USD per person

In PDF coming soon!


Available-CONTACT *Available

Eric Albino

22 days 

Minimal: 4  Maximal: 15 

Country / Location:

Mountain Guide:
Juventino Albino Caldua

Other dates / additional info:
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